• An individual approach to every customer
  • Use of the latest technologies and materials
  • Use of the knowledge and analyses from the implemented jobs
  • Enhancement of personal responsibility of the employees and external workers


  • Gaining of new customers is a precondition for the company development and an opportunity to spread our good name in the market.
  • Every employee and worker respects the introduced management system.
  • The system is based on a strong and satisfied team of workers.
  • Every worker is entitled to make their comments and suggestions for improvement and at the same time they are responsible for their work and decisions.


  • Every customer is important.
  • We look at our job orders from the point of view of the customer and the gained information is used for the benefit of the customer.
  • Through an individual approach we help the customer to define its requirements.
  • Thanks to our professional attitude we find the optimum solutions.


  • For all our employees we are trying to create an environment which motivates them for more efficient work.
  • We develop their personalities through application of their own ideas.
  • We emphasise the work safety and we organise regular work safety trainings.
  • We strengthen the trust and feeling of solidarity, also by organising of group events.


  • We realise our social responsibility for the environment.
  • We observe the criteria above the scope of the legislative regulations which Trango undertook to observe voluntarily.
  • We search for new technologies friendlier to the environment and we support their use in practice.
  • We are trying to decrease the waste production and to prevent pollution.


  • We build a network of reliable suppliers and create conditions for development of the partnership relations and mutually advantageous cooperation.
  • We check and assess our suppliers. Our results are offered to them for processing so that they could use them for improving of their services.
  • By means of this announced policy, we undertake to streamline the introduced system constantly.